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Commercial diets often have unbalanced nutritional components, which trigger quick, but only short-term, weight loss.

These nutritional imbalances can also cause other negative health outcomes, depending on which nutrients you are lacking in your diet.

This can result in a cycle of yo-yo dieting in an attempt to keep the weight off, and this pattern can lead you to regain all the weight you have lost, and perhaps even more.

It is important to have a balanced diet, with the right amounts of different macro and micronutrients. Having a balanced diet plan leads to sustainable long-term weight loss and optimal health.


Here are six principles we believe are important to incorporate into a diet plan

Maintaining adequate levels of energy, nutrients, movement and rest for optimal health

Balancing different food groups, and consuming foods in the right proportion

Consuming the appropriate number of calories to maintain a healthy weight depending on your metabolism and exercise levels

Focussing on creating a diet that is nutrient dense without being high in calories

Learning how to be moderate with foods that are higher in fat or sugar

Exploring a varied diet that provides all the nutrients necessary for good health


We will create a bespoke weight loss diet plan to help you achieve your goals.

We need to understand your health status, medical history, food preferences and previous weight loss attempts, to help us shape the right diet plan for you.

The way you metabolise food, and break down food into key nutrients is personal to you. Many different factors affect how you metabolise food, including your gender, age, health and stress.

Your gut health is also hugely important, and some functional tests can give us clues about how food is metabolised in your body, and if you are struggling with malnutrition of certain key vitamins and minerals.

Exercise and lifestyle can also affect your metabolism differently. The type, intensity and duration of exercise, as well as your everyday routine are important factors that affect weight loss, and will be integrated into your bespoke diet plan.

It is important for us to take these factors into account, to create a plan designed for your body to help you manage your weight and reach your health goals.


Here are some functional tests that our nutrition team can use to support your bespoke weight loss diet plan.

Digestive DysfunctionGI-MAP
Health AssessmentFunctional DX
Nutrient DeficiencyONE Profile
Hormone ImbalanceAdvanced Hormone Metabolites
Thyroid FunctionComprehensive Thyroid Profile
Food IntolerancesDietary Antigen Profile
Stress ResponseAdrenal Stress Test


We have over 15 years experience in helping clients achieve successful weight loss.

Our experienced nutrition team will work with you to create a bespoke diet plan to help you reach your goals, for weight loss, optimal health and improved confidence.

We want to create a plan that works for you, and we will shape it with you over time, so that it becomes your new healthy normal way of eating.

We can organise functional tests to investigate whether you have any underlying imbalances, help you interpret the results, and incorporate this into your bespoke diet plan.

We can educate you on how different foods affect your body to promote greater vitality, reduce cravings and give you a greater sense of mental wellbeing.

We will coach and motivate you to create new healthy habits, to help you achieve your long-term weight loss goals.


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